They’ve never had it so good.

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I was asked to present this week at a policy officers conference. In Government I spent a relatively small amount of time with policy teams, usually when called in together to address a live issue. It was fascinating to have the chance to see the world through a different lens and I came away from

It’s becoming all too common to read people on Twitter in particular carping about various elements of “Government” approach to IT. In the last few weeks, I’ve seen someone complaining that one department was too focused on outcomes and not willing to “experiment”, other people say we should just copy the UK (which is by

GovCom’s new products!

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It’s great, after some three or four months or work behind the scenes, to be able finally to announce the launch of our new performance reviews. Coinciding with our appointment under the performance management category by the NSW Government, we are today publicly releasing our two new products, our communications effectiveness audit and our communications

Set aside time to stop and think….

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People working in communications jobs in Government nowadays face a bewildering range of choices to help them get things done. Random conversations about “what we are doing in social media” seem to forget that there are hundreds more tools than Facebook and Twitter, new TV and radio channels are arriving almost daily and meanwhile the

I was asked by the good people at IPAA NSW to come up with a few thoughts on how to get on in Government jobs. Here’s what I came up with… The decade I spent in Government was varied, rewarding and constantly challenging but most importantly, nothing like the stereotypical view of life in the

I’ve done a lot of travelling to watch sport. In the last 24 months, I’ve seen an Ashes test in Melbourne, Six Nations games in Cardiff and Rome, Racing in Sydney and Cheltenham and professional golf in Australia. The experience of attending live sport has two common themes. Three if you count the crowds. The

There’s not a Government in the world that’s not struggling with the “One Website” problem. And as news starts to break of trouble brewing at, it’s worth stopping for a moment to try to understand specifically what the problems are and how we can adjust our approaches to continue to improve Government services. Because,

I’ve noticed over the last few weeks a plethora of posts updating us all on everything from the numbers of people accessing the internet by mobile (answer; lots and more than last year) to today’s publication of a list of magic words (follow, submit, please) that apparently will see your content shared more widely. It’s

It’s the buzzword of the moment. There are conferences dedicated to it. Big data enthusiasts passionately believe it’s the way forward. And I’m sure that in certain contexts, it may well be. But like any abstract concept, therein lies the rub. I’m pretty sure that 50% of the time spent talking about Big Data is

marketing 101.

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What’s your favourite strapline? One of most enduring things about the value that advertising agencies add for brands is the creation of great straplines. A strapline complements your brand and in just a small number of words, tells the customer who you are and what you stand for. Great straplines are long lasting and adapt