Are your Comms hitting the mark?

by / Wednesday, 13 July 2016 / Published in Digital, Government

In the two years since I launched GovCom, we’ve observed hundreds of millions of dollars invested in the pursuit of innovation, seen thousands involved in Government hackathons, hundreds of thousands more involved in community engagement programmes and a stream of new Government service initiatives announced from digital licences in NSW to the formation of Service Victoria. Government websites are better and You Tube channels abound.

Reviewing the work we’ve done reminds me that we’ve guided departments assessing commercial opportunities, helped teams re-think roles and responsibilities, redrafted performance measures and KPI’s, written advertising campaigns and website copy, advised on community engagement and facilitated more than a few workshops.

But there’s one common theme of all our work in the last two years. It’s the thing that will be a main focus for us in the year ahead.

Put simply, “Have you got the right tools for the job?”

Government departments are often large, multi-disciplined organisations. It’s common for us to find teams working with multiple communications tools, from different content management systems to a range of different websites and social media channels with different authors. We see departments producing press releases in isolation from their digital publishing efforts. And legacy software that rather than lead us towards the elusive paperless office actually seems to complicate things more. I’ve met more than one person who prints off every email.

It doesn’t have to be like that. A modern CMS can be as easy to use as Word or Powerpoint and it’s easy to put workflows in place that not only allow wide access but ensure that nothing gets published without approval. It’s easy to configure reports that tell you what customers are saying and which communications are hitting the spot. And collaboration is so much simpler when everyone, including the boss, is using the same platform.

Most interestingly, our experience over the last two years is that streamlining systems almost always leads to two crucial savings. By reducing systems duplication, we save people money. Better still, by removing waste, we save their time. The most precious commodity of all.

For businesses that want to save time and money (all others can stop reading now), for 2016/17, we’ve developed three new programmes for reviewing whether you’ve got the right tools for the job.

  • The Tune-Up: a 15 point assessment of key metrics and systems for managing your external communications. A full report on your desk in ten days. Prices from $8,999.
  • Getting Under the Hood: Also provides in-depth analysis of internal systems and networks. Savings guaranteed. A full report and recommendations in 21 days. Prices from $12,999.
  • Partnership: Our full service programme includes our review and ongoing coaching and support including content creation and diagnostics. Prices on application.

We have no software to sell and don’t believe in any one size fits all solutions. But we’re very confident that we can help you communicate more powerfully with less effort and cost. And we’ve got tools to prove it!

Please drop me a line at to find out more.