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Welcome to the Gov Com Consulting Group, Australia's leading public sector communications and engagement specialists.

Social media mastery!

Social media mastery!

Bottom line, social media is just media. But very different. It's the media of sharing and the media of dialogue. We'll coach you and your team in how to engage, how to promote and how to listen. You'll get to really understand your customers without the pain and expense of focus groups or questionnaires.
Systems and Structures
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Systems and Structures

Traditional job roles have changed enormously since the advent of the digital age. We are experts in designing organisational structures that support and redefine the critical roles played by technology experts, strategic thinkers, IT support, content creators and innovation experts. United we stand...
NEW! Artificial Intelligence.

NEW! Artificial Intelligence.

Working with scientists and industry leaders, we're launching a unique Ai tool for Government. The only model of it's type, our tool provides real time analysis of public sentiment extrapolated into insights that go far beyond the reach of standard social media listening tools and media monitoring. Call for a demo.

Doing it right?Let us help!

We offer three styles of audit and review of your entire communications and engagement activities. We'll tell you what's working and where you can save time...and money. Prices start at just $9,995.


This basic audit benchmarks your search performance, advertising effectiveness, web accessibility and social media impact. Are you being heard?

Under the hood!

This deeper audit reviews internal communications and your structures. Crucially, it will assess whether you have the best tools for the job. Do you?


Our full strength audit also includes training, workshops and coaching in market leading communications strategy and tactics. Can we help?


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