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Welcome to the Gov Com Consulting Group, Australia's leading public sector communications and engagement specialists.

Puzzled by social media? Not sure which 50% of your advertising is working? Confused about which jobs are IT and which ones are comms? Or just need an independent review? We can help. Our bespoke reviews look at every element of your current communications activity and answer the single most important question on every marketers lips....
"Are we doing it right?"

Strategy and Structure
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Strategy and Structure

"Who does digital?" Traditional job roles have changed enormously since the advent of the digital age. We are experts in designing organisational structures that redefine the critical roles played by technology experts, strategic thinkers, IT support, content creators and innovation experts. United we stand...
Social media mastery

Social media mastery

Legacy systems are often complicated to unravel. Workarounds and patches are commonplace. Neither are practical or sustainable. Our unique audits will assess the best tools for your organization. We have no products to sell and guarantee to deliver savings. Let us help you get out of your own way!
Community Engagement
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Community Engagement

The secret to effective communication and engagement lies in clear and purposeful content. Using tried and tested approaches, we're experts in every facet of content creation, questionnaire design, publishing and campaign management, bringing over twenty years experience in getting it right.

Doing it right?Let us help!

We offer three styles of audit and review of your entire communications and engagement activities. We'll tell you what's working and where you can save time...and money. Prices start at just $9,995.


This basic audit benchmarks your search performance, advertising effectiveness, web accessibility and social media impact. Are you being heard?

Under the hood!

This deeper audit reviews internal communications and your structures. Crucially, it will assess whether you have the best tools for the job. Do you?


Our full strength audit also includes training, workshops and coaching in market leading communications strategy and tactics. Can we help?



Working with GovCom is not like working with other consultants. We pride ourselves on personal service and swift turnaround. The same person who answers your brief does all the work.

Job by job, I'll appoint small teams of proven experts as needed to solve the challenges you face. We have no junior staff working on your business. You deserve better.

Please get in touch on for a chat and an obligation free assessment of how I can help.

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